Celebrity Hangout

It is always a pleasure to be in the company of old friends and new.

Gloria-mother-and LouSherwithMickeyRooney My mother and step-father with family friend, actor Mickey Rooney. (1968)
Lou Sher and Carlo Ponti-Venice Film Fest-1968-307×472 Family friend, film producer Carlo Ponti. (1968)
BSher-BarbaraMcNair-1970-439×585 Yours truly with actress Barbara McNair. (1970)
ProfIrwinCorey-LitlRichard-BSh-1970-439×503 Professor Irwin Corey, Little Richard, and yours truly. (1970)
Susan Lee and Richard Simmons-439×602 Susan Lee and Richard Simmons (1976)
LindaHopkins-HaroldCromer-1991-439×531 Linda Hopkins (far right)- actress, Harold Cromer (middle) - of "Stump and Stumpy" fame, yours truly (far left). (1991)
BS and SDJ-439×344 Me and SDJ (Sammy Davis Jr.), my mentor. (1998)
BS at Sammys-439×351 At Sammy's gathering of friends. (1988)
AltoviseDavis-SuzanneCharney-SDJ-2007-439×549 Altovise Davis (SDJ's widow), Suzanne Charney (dancer), and me with Sammy Dogis Jr. (2007)
BSher-MDavis2015-09-29-439×293 It's Vegas Baby! Manny Davis, SDJ's son and my godson, at the naming of Sammy Davis Jr. Drive. (2015)
BSandKimYarbrough-singeractress-439×329 Yours truly with singer-actress Kim Yarbrough. (2012)
Annice Parker-Friend-439×585 What would I do without Annice Parker, a colleague and a dear friend? (2017)
BerryGordy-BS-2015-439×327 The great Berry Gordy, founder of the Motown record label. (2015)
FredaPayne-AnniceParker-DancingwtStars-2012-439×324 With Freda Payne "Band of Gold" and Annice Parker, in the Dancing with the Stars studio audience. (2012)
TonySweet-UBN-Friend-439×585 Where would The Bonnie Sher Show, Boomer Life, be without Tony Sweet of Universal Broadcasting Network? (2017)
AnniceParker-DavidZimmerman-2017 With David Zimmerman (actor/producer) and Annice Parker. (2017)
GSherandRKelly-2004-439×305 Who Knew? My mother, Gloria Hope Sher, hanging out with R Kelly and crew. (2004)

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